About the Foundation


The purpose of the McCall Ski Heritage Foundation® is to preserve, protect and perpetuate local Alpine and Nordic Ski History and Culture of McCall, Idaho.



The thousands of visitors and locals who spend weekends alpine or cross-country skiing in McCall, a number that continually expands, reflects the significance of skiing, a way of life in McCall.  “Skiing has been, and continues to be, integral to McCall’s culture, economy and landscape,” said Bert Armstrong, one of the group’s founders.  “For generations, skiing has attracted families to McCall and provided unforgettable experiences.”

One main focus of the foundation is to create a ski museum.  “There are numerous museum possibilities,” said Bob Looper, President of Brundage Mountain Resort.  “We have generations of artifacts, pictures and memorabilia, but a museum could also be interactive and give entrants a sense of skiing the backcountry, ski jumping, or standing in the Olympic starting gate.” The Foundation is a 501(C)3 IRS charitable organization.


Meet the Directors

The Foundation Directors want to ensure everyone living in or visiting McCall has an opportunity to experience the rich ski heritage of our community. From Blackwell’s Ranch ski jump east of town in the 1920’s, to The Little Ski Hill founded in 1937, and Brundage Mountain which started in 1961, McCall’s ski heritage is worthy of public preservation and celebration.

Russ Moltke

Co-Founder of the McCall Ski Heritage Foundation
  • Grew up in McCall Idaho
  • Mighty Mites
  • 20-year member of the National Ski Patrol
  • 25-year owner of Spa/Swimming Pool Manufacture – Retired

Craig Johnson

  • Family heritage of skiing and ski racing in McCall since 1909
  • Owner of Johnson Real Estate Company

Bert Armstrong

  • Born and raised in McCall
  • Member Mighty Mite ski team
  • Member MSRT ski team
  • University of Colorado ski team, captain for 4 years
  • Retired

Lyle Nelson

  • McCall Native
  • Four-time Olympic Biathlete
  • Saint Luke’s Hospital Healthcare Administrator

Patty Boydstun-Hovdey

  • 5th generation Long Valley Resident
  • Grew up skiing at the Little Ski Hill & Brundage Mountain
  • 1970 US Slalom Champion
  • 1972 Olympian
  • Co-Founder Home Town Sports McCall in 1979

Dean Hovdey

  • Grew up in Missoula Montana
  • Smokejumper in McCall 1970
  • Level 3 Certified PSIA instructor of Alpine, Cross Country and Telemark Skiing
  • Co-founder of Home Town Sports in 1979

Todd Armstrong

  • Born in McCall
  • Corey Engen taught him to ski
  • McCall Mighty Mites
  • Former Treasurer and Board Member MSRT
  • Avid and Active Skier
  • Recovering CPA
  • Healthcare Administrator

Bob Looper

  • President & Managing Director of Brundage Mountain
  • Board member of the Ponderosa Center
  •  30 years of experience in power plant development
  • President of Idaho Ski Area Association

Lindsey Harris

  • 4th generation Idahoan
  • Grew up in McCall
  • Raced at Little Ski Hill and Brundage
  • Director of the McCall Area Chamber of Commerce

Maggy Moltke

  • Love of McCall Ski History
  • 40-year Elementary Teacher – Retired

Eve Chandler

  • Author of Brundage Mountain: Best Snow in Idaho and Building Bogus Basin
  • 2017 winner of the “Western Ski Heritage Prize” from the Far West Ski Association
  • Idaho native with a passion for skiing

Amy Holm

  • Grew up in McCall
  • Mighty Mites
  • Junior Olympian
  • Attorney
  • Loves skiing with her family at our local ski areas

Jen Roark

  • Family roots in McCall since 1910
  • Learned to ski at Brundage
  • Certified PSIA Alpine instructor
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


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Honorary Board Member

Judd Deboer (deceased)

Co-Founder, McCall Ski Heritage Foundation

  • Past Director of the Idaho Ski Area Association & Intermountain Ski Area Association
  • Former Chairman of the Board Brundage Mountain Co
  • 35 years in the ski industry
  • 2018 Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Recreation and Tourism